If you receive a ticket for driving with a suspended license, you should hire an attorney or a lawyer. This is your best chance for having your fines reduces and avoiding possible jail time.

You can receive a suspended license for many reasons:

Accumulate way too many points on your driving record

Receive multiple traffic violations and or speeding tickets

Get a DUI or a DWI

Fail to go to your court date or to pay the fees for other charges

Neglect to pay court ordered child support


Penalties Vary By State
The price for driving with a suspended license depends on which state you were in at the time of the violation. Your license could be taken or revoked immediately and you could face a felony charge. In some states, driving with a suspended license results in large fines while in other states, this charge could immediately impose time in jail or community service. Points are almost always added to your driving record and the time period for your license suspension is typically extended.

With an attorney’s help, you are often able to get your license reinstated, but your state’s DMV could make it a difficult process. Your insurance rates will likely increase and some companies refuse to insure people who have had a suspended license.

How an Attorney Can Help
Our team can help you plan a challenge and defend your charges in court.

Traffic attorneys in the same town or state of your violation will know the law and can advise whether or not you have a chance of winning your case or want is a reasonable outcome. Most attorneys who take suspended license cases will handle all court hearings, negotiate with the prosecuting attorney and assist you with all required paperwork and violation information. Many will even assist in conversations with an auto insurance company.

The most popular type of insurance given out to violators or traffic laws or driving with a suspended license is the SR22 insurance. Most people have to take a defensive driving course or go to traffic school when they get a driving with a suspended license ticket.

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