Domestic violence is reaches deeper than most people realize. Violence from intimate partners impacts more than 12 million people each year. Domestic violence is when the person who pledged to protect and love an individual or family, becomes a volatile, aggressive and destructive influence. The one person whose hands should be gentle becomes abusive and brings terror.

How can one stop this violence before it escalates?

How does a person get out of an abusive relationship?

How can an individual protect those that they love?


If you or your children are in an abusive situation, you should seek a safe place immediately. In preparing for a long-term safe situation for you or your family, a domestic violence protective order is one way an individual can take control of their life and protect their children. A domestic violence protection order is a court-mandated order that protects one person from being abused by another.

A domestic violence protective order is meant to protect a person from being physically or sexually abused. This order is intended to legally restrain the pugnacious person from preforming acts of violence against the protected individuals, it can also:

Halt all contact between the two sets of individuals

Provide temporary support to the family

Award temporary custody of the all of the children

Remove fire arms from the restrained persons hands

Gives those being protected exclusive use of the home

Keeps the abuser from turning off the utilities

Requires the restrained person to turn over the family car and spare keys to the protected individual

A domestic violence protective order basically gives all of the rights to the protected individual, while keeping the restrained individual from accessing, speaking, touching, or being within a defined vicinity the protected children or adults.

Does a Domestic Violence protective order really work?
In truth, the protective order is a piece of paper, BUT it is a very significant piece of paper. This court order is one of the most critical documents that you will ever have. If the restrained person violates the order, the police will enforce the order all costs. They will come and observe the situation and determine if terms of the order have been broken. Violation of a domestic protective order is a crime and if an abuser violates the order he or she will immediately find themselves arrested and in jail.

Get Support and Protect Yourself and Family
By seeking assistance at the domestic violence prevention center, a person can find about all of the support that is available to protect themselves and their children. The professional and counselors at the prevention center are experienced in helping expedite a domestic order through the courts as quickly as possible. It is also a valuable resource for helping the protected individuals learn about ways to rebuild their lives after a violent, abusive relationship.

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